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Neighbor dispute

Twee jaar geleden moest ik op zoek naar een advocaat hier in Puglia, omwille van een burendispuut met betrekking tot roerend en onroerend goed. Via een vriend kwam ik in contact met Meester Marco van het advocatenkantoor Studio Legale Magaraggia…
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Buying a Trullo in Italy

As a non-Italian looking to purchase a property in Puglia, Marco’s assistance was invaluable. Marco explained the purchasing process, advised on possible areas of concern and provided ad-hoc translations when needed. Without Marco’s assistance, buying our Trullo could have been…
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Thanks Marco!

Marco acted for us in 2013 when we bought a property in the historic centre of Cisternino. He led us carefully through the conveyancing process, ensuring that each stage was fully explained and understood. We always felt we were in…
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Bonjour Marco!

Bonjour Marco, Nous tenions à vous remercier grandement pour votre travail très efficace dans l’accompagnent de l’acquisition de notre maison dans les Pouilles. En tant “qu’étranger”, il était très important de pouvoir compter pleinement et en tout confiance sur quelqu’un…
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Italian Succession Law

Italian  Succession Law   Succession law in Italy is provided for by the Civil Code. It disciplines two main types of succession: 1) inter vivos and 2) mortis causa. The first disciplines the acquisition of rights or property between living…
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